From June 2021, all IPAF PAL cards will be issued electronically through the ePAL app. EPAL APP - ALL YOUR IPAF INFORMATION, NEVER OUT OF REACH

This is to ensure rapid turnaround for users, to reduce waste, and most importantly, to improve ease of use and provide added convenience to users.

You will be able to share your ePAL cards ahead of time in order to verify your credentials before attending site, and this will help ensure high safety standards.

The ePAL app also contains all of your operator information, a digital logbook, as well as best practice tips and advice.


Why is the ePAL card being launched?
IPAF is committed to driving sustainable change in the industry and the ePAL replaces the need for paper, plastic documents and licences. Operators’ qualifications and experience can easily be recorded, stored, and shared  conveniently in one place.

What are the benefits of the ePAL app?
ePAL app is very convenient for operators and their employers – licences, qualifications and practical experience are easily shared from the operator’s phone. Digital PAL Cards are also fraud smart and benefit from the extra security provided by a mobile phone’s log-in measures.

ePAL app also provides operators with access to the latest in safety information and best practice to help them be safer in their workplace when working at height. 

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