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IPAF Site Assessment (For MEWP Selection) E-Learning Course


Course Overview

Number of Delegates: 1

Duration: 2 - 4 Hours


The IPAF Site Assessment (For MEWP Selection) course is an online theory-based course with an exam at the end. It is aimed at anyone in any industry who wishes to gain the confidence and knowledge to make their own decisions about the type of MEWP to deploy for any task they are planning.


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Who Should Attend

Anyone who wishes to gain the knowledge on how to best select a MEWP for the job in hand. The candidate must hold a current IPAF Operator License (PAL Card) or hold a MEWPs for Managers certificate.


Course Content

To instruct a candidate in the basics of conducting a site assessment to enable an informed decision on selection of the correct MEWP for the task.

Learning outcomes:

  • The information needed before visiting the site

  • What to take with them to the site

  • How to ensure that the route is suitable for the type of delivery vehicle

  • The right questions to ask to understand the task to be conducted from the selected MEWP

  • How to determine a suitable MEWP

  • What restrictions to look out for

  • How to record the assessment and keep records.

At the end of the course the candidate will:

  • Understand how to undertake a site assessment

  • Select an appropriate MEWP for the task to be carried out

  • Provide justification for the machine selection

  • Keep adequate records of site assessments


Final Qualification

On successful completion, delegates will receive an electronic IPAF certificate. Those who hold a valid Powered Access Licence for operating equipment can have the MEWPs for Managers (MM) category added to their ePAL/PAL Card. Please note, this course does not provide delegates with a Powered Access Licence, ePAL/PAL Card nor qualify them to operate powered access equipment. If the delegate requires a hardcopy IPAF Certificate, an extra cost of £12.50 + VAT applies.


Additional Information

This eLearning course delivers flexibility and interactive tools, with emphasis on contextualised online training.

The course must be completed within 6 months of issue.


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