What is Ladder Safety Training?

Since 1947 the Ladder Association has been the hub of knowledge for ladder training and guidance. The Ladder Association training courses cut through all of the workplace confusion around what is and isn’t allowed when working at height on a ladder and stepladders.

The Ladder Association is the voice of the industry and promotes the highest standards and competence, while working with major bodies such as the Health & Safety Executive.

Why take a Ladder Training course?

Fatal injuries in the workplace have remained level in recent years but falls from height is still one of the biggest causes. The ladder association training courses cover essential information in the safe use of ladders, ladder standards, hazards and the law.

Are Ladder Association courses right for me?

Putting an employee or colleague through a Ladder training course offers peace of mind that they will be able to work safely on ladders, and the Ladder Card and certificate given on completion helps them prove it.

Why UTN for Ladder Training course?

Whether you are a frequent or occasional ladder user, do you know how to use them correctly? Do you know when it’s right to use a ladder, which type of ladder to use, how to store and inspect them and how to identify hazards when using a ladder.

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For more information on Ladder Association visit:- https://ladderassociation.org.uk/guidance/