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How to book an IPAF Site Assessment course - eLearning

How to book an IPAF Site Assessment course - eLearning

May 2021

Booking your IPAF Site Assessment course couldn't be easier... and it could save you time and money

The IPAF Site Assessment training course is a great way to ensure that you can get the site assessment you need for your upcoming project – without having to wait on a list from our experienced site assessors. With this simple, eLearning course, you will be qualified to make the decisions required for choosing the correct MEWP for the site you require!

All you need to complete this course is one of the following:

-        An IPAF Operator License (PAL Card) OR;

-        A MEWPs for Managers certificate

Choosing a MEWP for the site can be a challenge and choosing the incorrect machine for the site can result in serious injury & costly delays. However, this course will give you the confidence to make the correct choices and minimise risk to yourself and others. And as well as removing the wait times for our specialist site assessors, it helps reduce costs by enabling you to improve efficiency.

The IPAF MEWPs for Managers course and our IPAF Operator course are a staple of many companies, where working at height is a prime consideration.

Please call our training team on 01924 377379 to book the IPAF Site Assessment eLearning course.

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