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Introducing our Temporary Works Co-Ordinator course

Introducing our Temporary Works Co-Ordinator course

May 2017

We are always looking to expand the range of health and safety training that we offer, and our latest addition is a 2 day Temporary Works Co-ordinator course, which joins our existing CITB courses.

What are temporary works?

Temporary works are built as part of the construction process to enable permanent works to be completed. Once they have served their purpose, the temporary works are normally removed.

Examples of temporary works are: access scaffolds, props, shoring, excavation support, falsework and formwork. As well as removing them, you can also incorporate temporary works into the permanent works. Examples of this include: haul road foundations and crane or piling platforms that may be used for hardstanding or road foundations.

How can the Temporary Works Co-ordinator course benefit you?

This course is designed to give you a thorough knowledge of the role of a Temporary Works Co-ordinator. If you have responsibility for managing temporary works or would like to, then this course will give you and your team the necessary skills and training.

As a Temporary Works Co-ordinator it’ll be your responsibility to ensure that:

- You have a detailed understanding of BS5975 in respect of this role

- You’re the point of contact between designer and site team

- The company’s procedures are being adhered to on site

- Temporary work activities are co-ordinated, allocated and accepted

- Any residual risks are included in the design brief

- Design checks are carried out – Concept, Structural Adequacy, Compliance with the brief

- All drawings, calculations and other relevant documentation are recorded

- All checks are made at appropriate stages and maintained

- Formal permission is issued to load/bring into use/unload/dismantle

For more information on our Temporary Works Co-ordinator course or to book your place, please call us on 08707 871 511 or book online.



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