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IPAF and PASMA E-Learning

IPAF and PASMA E-Learning

October 2021

Why does your organisation need e-training?

As a manager, director, or business owner, ensuring the safety and productivity of your employees is a fundamental part of ensuring the growth and success of your business even more so, when facing the uncertainty of a global pandemic.

As the world moves online many organisations are adapting training offering and maintaining safety culture with a more blended approach to learning. Safety training programs provided through UTN Training are available online and provide an efficient way to deliver training remotely. The courses provide employees the knowledge and skills to perform their work effectively without having to spend time away from the workplace.

Let's see how these e-training programs can benefit your organisation and workforce.

Why does your organisation need e-training?

The benefits and positive outcomes of investing time and money in online workplace safety and productivity training programs are significant. e-learning can save you the hassle of visiting the training centres or arranging in-house training workshops. Every workplace has its hazards and there are a lot of things that you might not consider hazardous without proper training. Industry-specific and comprehensive online training can benefit your employees from the comfort of their office or home so that they’re more proactive - while avoiding the time and cost of getting to the training centre.

1. Prevent accidents and boost productivity

Effective safety and productivity training programs will help improve work efficiency and productivity on both organisational and individual levels, through preventing work-related accidents and injuries, absences and their associated cost.

Industry-specific safety training is crucial for the safety of employees to prevent injuries and accidents at the workplace. For instance, having safety courses can prevent major accidents and injuries to those working at height.

2. Retain your workforce with convenient learning

Retaining talent and high-performing employees is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses. Developing strong teams requires a high investment, but it is essential to retain your workforce. You can deliver these online programs to workers who work remotely, so that they can access them via their phones and computers at their own convenience.

3. Professional and engaging

Partnering with online safety training providers allows you to take advantage of various expertise like instructional designers, safety experts and e-learning specialists so that the practice and learning elements of a course are made more effective and engaging.

4. Safety compliance and reduced costs

Businesses have to take care of their workplace and ensure the safety of their employees as a part of their legal responsibility. A comprehensive safety training programme can help ensure compliance. Similarly, training programs are expensive and online training at work can reduce training costs, in addition to costs relating to accidents, injuries, insurance premiums and reputation.

How do IPAF/PASMA/CITB and other training programs minimise safety risks?

Different programs have been designed to help businesses maintain safe and effective standards ensuring the safety of their workers. For instance, IPAF's aim is to promote the safety standards across the powered access industry. Its internationally recognised operator training programme can ensure businesses their workers are competent to work at height in mobile elevating work platforms ("MEWPs"). These courses cover various product types including scissor lifts, masts, boom lifts, truck mounts, and spider lifts.

Similarly, PASMA training courses have e-learning course options to help staff working at height on mobile access towers. Operatives can benefit from this training in various ways - the courses cover working at height regulations and provide training on mobile towers, covering the assembly, moving, dismantling and inspection.

CITB offer e-learning courses on site safety training (such as SSSTS and SMSTS) which cover health and safety on construction sites. Conducting this training online enables students to learn at their own pace and in their own time.

Why choose UTN for Safety Training?

One of the most important reasons why you should consider e-learning from UTN Training is that your employees learn with a comprehensive course plan that makes them responsible for completing their own safety training. At UTN training, we provide safety training to those working at height and those in the construction sector, so if you are concerned about the safety of your workplace and workforce because you work in risky circumstances, we can help you.

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