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How much is a cherry picker course?

How much is a cherry picker course?

April 2021

We teach our IPAF operator courses online or in-person and prices start from £180

Cherry pickers are complex machines. They are well-engineered to be able to take a person and their tools (if not more than one person) up to enormous heights – sometimes even as high as 59m, or just over the height of Nelson’s Column. They do this through a complex system involving hydraulics, electronics, and human co-ordination. These machines are designed to be incredibly safe, but while there have been strides in operator safety in recent years, unfortunately 67 people still lost their lives when working at height in the 25 IPAF countries combined, according to the IPAF Global Safety Report.

IPAF sets the standards for working at height courses throughout the world. When you take an IPAF certified course and pass, as of April 2021, you will be awarded your PAL card digitally, which will certify you for working at height on your chosen machine category. Whether you choose a 1a/1b or 3a/3b course, you will receive the corresponding license.

You can learn more about our IPAF e-PAL cards here.

We teach our IPAF operator courses online or in-person, and prices start from £180. However, we also offer an inexpensive Working at Height online course for only £25 which will give you the theoretical knowledge you need to take forward onto your IPAF operator course in the future.

And as a bonus, in every one of the 25 countries which recognise IPAF as an industry standard, you will be able to use your IPAF card there, should the need arise.

You can see our full list of IPAF courses here.

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