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What happens on a PASMA course?

What happens on a PASMA course?

January 2021

If you’ve decided to book an PASMA course or you’re about to go on one, we’re here to give you an idea of what to expect....

The PASMA courses are generally a mix of theory and practical, designed to teach you how to work with lightweight tower scaffolding of all heights. The most popular course is the PASMA Tower for Users which shows you how to assemble, alter, dismantle, move, inspect alloy or fibreglass mobile access towers in the workplace. However you can also go on to our PASMA low level access course which shows delegates how to safely assemble, dismantle and relocate low level access units without risk of personal injury to the delegate or others. 

Start the day right

Arrive on time at the test centre and if possible with 5-10 minutes to spare. It’s important to get to your training centre on time with everything that you’ll need for the day. This includes your hard hat, hi-vis jacket and steel capped boots. Once you’ve signed in and have been shown to the classroom, grab a brew, find a seat and get ready to learn.

Back to school

Our instructors will carry out the theory part of the course in the morning and whilst very few of us like tests, this one is here to make sure that you have the knowledge you need to be safe when assembling, dismantling, moving and inspecting mobile access towers. At the end of the PASMA for towers theory session you will take a short theory test. Make sure to ask about anything you’re unsure of as there is a test at the end of the session.

After you’ve passed the test you’ll get to enjoy a light lunch and suit up for the practical side of the day.

Erecting aluminium mobile access towers

Once you’ve got your safety gear on you’ll be taken over to the aluminium tower that you’re going to use. You’ll be shown all of the safety features of that model as well as how to do a regular maintenance check.

You’ll then step into action and successfully erect, move, inspect and dismantle prefabricated aluminium mobile access towers safely under the watchful eye of the instructor. On successful completion of the course we will apply on your behalf for the PASMA Card.

For more information on our PASMA courses or to book your place, call us on 01924 601 042 or book online.

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