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IOSH Training - Overview

IOSH offer a comprehensive and accessible range of occupational safety and health courses. IOSH's versatile training products are suitable for everyone in any organisation, helping to promote a safety-conscious culture throughout the workforce. IOSH courses can help employees solve real problems using practical and effective tools, processes and knowledge. 

These courses aim to ensure that people in organisations are given the most up-to-date information and can implement appropriate changes to ensure a safer working environment.


IOSH Managing Safely Courses


IOSH Managing Safely 3-Day Course

The IOSH Managing Safely course is geared towards managers with day-to-day health and safety responsibilities in their control areas. It is an excellent primer for anybody that wants to learn more about managing safely in the workplace. Those seeking qualifications to become a health and safety management within their organisation may benefit more from a NEBOSH certification course.

IOSH Managing Safely 3-Day Course


IOSH Managing Safely Course Detail

The content of the IOSH Managing Safely course includes Health & Safety Management, risk monitoring, assessment and control, Health & Safety legislation and Safety Management Systems.

The course covers common harzards such as fire, electricity, work equipment hazards, chemicals and substances and noise. It also includes DSE and manual hadling and organisation specific hazards such as PUWER, movement of people and sources of traffic hazards.

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to work more safely to minimise risks to themselves and others. They will be able to review the effectiveness of the safety management arrangements in place nd understand the safety and legal implications of management actions relating to Health & Safety.

Delegates will be able to play a vital role in developing safety management systems and a safer working culture for their organisation and on successfully completing the course, they will be awarded the IOSH Managing Safely Certificate.

IOSH Managing Safely Course Detail


IOSH Managing Safely Online 3-Day Course

This three-day course covers the same content as the

IOSH Managing Safely 3-Day Course


IOSH Managing Safely Refresher 1-Day Course

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher courses are also available, suitable for delegates who previously gained their IOSH Managing Safely Certificate. The course content is focused on updates to current information on Health and Safety issues in the workplace and recent changes to key pieces of legislation. The course revisits the IOSH Managing Safely course to include risk rssessments and controlling risks incident and accident investigation and measuring performance. On successfully completing the course, candidates are awarded an IOSH qualification which is valid for five years.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher 1-Day Course


IOSH Working Safely 1-Day Course

 The IOSH Working Safely course is a basic introduction for all levels of personnel who are non-health and safety experts. The Training will give delegates all the information they need to keep themselves safe at work.

This programme is designed for all levels of personnel, as it is everybody’s responsibility to ensure Health & Safety in the workplace. The 1-day course covers an introduction to case law updates, criminal law and individuals' responsibilities.

Delegates will gain an understanding of accident causes and their investigation, risk management and safe systems of work and Safety Policies. It delves into accident records and reporting (RIDDOR) and common and organisation-specific hazards.

By the end of the course delegates will be able to identify hazards and evaluate risks in the workplace, follow their organisation’s Health & Safety policy and assist managers in preparing written risk assessments. They will be confident to cooperate and communicate on Health & Safety matters and carry out work activities without risk to themselves or others.

Delegates should have the confidence to report relevant accidents and incidents, monitor their activities and assist managers in active monitoring. Candidates will be awarded the IOSH Working Safely Certificate upon successfully completing the course.

IOSH Working Safely 


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