Ladder Training Courses

We offer courses for users of ladders; step ladders and step stools who need appropriate training in their safe assembly, alteration, dismantling and relocation of ladders.

The Ladder Association is home to guidance and training needed to help ensure working at in the UK is as safe as possible and offers courses for all levels of ladder user help keep everyone safe, and help demonstrate the competence required by law.

The Ladder and Step ladder User and Inspection training course provides delegates with a recognised certification enabling a person to safely use ladders and step-ladders to carry out, and document, periodic statutory ladder inspections.

Ladder and Step Ladder User and Inspection. Click Here

The Working with Steps and Step Stools, Ladder Training half day course ensures delegates are competent to use steps & steps stools in an appropriate and safe way

Working with Steps and Step Stools. Click Here

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